greenmanThen again

A common expression used when reconsidering something is (but) then again.  A similar phrase is but then, which is used to introduce an explanation or a concession to something previously said - similar to the expression mind you.


I think I will stay in today, but then again, I should probably go out ( Aunque también es cierto/por otro lado/ pensándolo bien)

I really need a pay rise. Then again, I do earn more than my workmates - Necesito un aumento de sueldo. Aunque, por otro lado, gano más que mis compañeros

Trump made Abe look like his junior partner. But then he is a reality television star (explanation as to why this shouldn't surprise us)

I think it's great. But then I am the one who designed it (concession, it's not surprising that I would think that)

In The Media

A broken man? He does seem devastated, but then again he's been like that many time before. 16, 2017

Not many debutant playwrights can sell out a theatre. But then again, not many debutant playwrights used to be the Archbishop of Canterbury. BBC News-Jul 27, 2016

It looked for a while like Jasper Stuyven was going to pull off an incredible victory but then who can doubt Peter Sagan? BBC Sport-Jun 30, 2016


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