blueman1 Put off


Put off is one of those tricky phrasal verbs that has several meanings. As usual, context is vital.



1- Postpone 

Stop putting off the meeting with your boss- Deja de posponer la reunión con tu jefe

2- Discourage

I was set on going to university, but my dad put me off the idea- Estaba decidido a ir a la universidad, pero mi padre me desanimó 

3-Cause to dislike

Seeing that dead pig has put me off ham- Ver ese cerdo muerto me ha quitado las ganas de comer jamón

3- Distract

I´m trying to concentrate, but that noise is putting me off-  Estoy intentando concentrarme, pero ese ruido me está distrayendo

5- Switch off

Put that bloody television off!- Apaga esa puñetera televisión!