greenmanMake (it to)

One meaning of make is to reach or manage.

The story made the news- La historia salió en las noticias

I couldn't make (make it to) the meeting- No pude asistir a la reunión

John made the first team- John logró entrar en el equipo

To make it in this life you have need to be well connected- Para triunfar en esta vida hay que estar enchufado

We made it in time- Llegamos a tiempo


In The Press

Senegal and Mali will be coming back to do battle after bothmade it tothe U-20 World Cup in 2015 where they competed against each other BBC Sport-Feb 25, 2017

“There's no way that he will make it tothe White House if we have anything to do with it,  The Guardian-Oct 19, 2016

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