greenman1Of all things/places/people/etc.

The expression of allnoun is used to indicate that it is surprising that, out of all the possible options, this particular thing is being mentioned.



You, of all people, should know that — Tú, más que nadie, deberías saber eso

I was in Madrid last week. I bumped into John, of all people — La semana pasada estuve en Madrid y ví a John - la última persona que esperaba encontrarme

The movie was filmed in Texas, of all places — La película se rodó en Tejas, curiosamente

He has decided he wants be a dentist, of all things — Mira si habrá profesiones, pues ha decidido que quiere ser dentista


In The Press

That is exactly why legitimate questions can be asked of the court as to why they permitted him to go to a boxing match, of all things.  The Guardian-Feb 22, 2017

Everyone knew the rules of the presidential race from the start, and Hillary of all people was supposed to be savvy and experienced candidate Canada Free Press-Feb 27, 2017

The fact that he disappeared here, of all places, may not have been pure chance. BBC News-Feb 27, 2017


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