greenmanCome into its own

When something comes into its own, it becomes especially useful or successful in a specific environment, situation or time.



In this city bicycles really come into their own — En esta ciudad las bicis se hacen imprescindibles 

He's a quiet guy, but in public speaking he comes into his own — Es un tío tranquilo, pero cuando hay que hablar en público se luce

In summer my swimming pool comes into its own — En verano es cuando mi piscina realmente cobra sentido


In the press

At age 16, Lee was playing in such bands as Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds, but he came into his own when he was 18. Daily Record-Jan 11, 2017

Manchester by the Sea Casey Affleck at last comes into his own as the heartbreaking damaged soul at the center of Kenneth Lonergan's quiet ...The Boston Globe-Dec 29, 2016


Point is one of those words that has loads of meanings. Let's have a look at a few of the commonest:



Let's get to the gaddam point- Vayamos al puto grano

What's your frickin point?- ¿Qué coño quieres decir? o ¿Dónde coño quieres llegar con esto?

There's no point moaning about it- No sirve de nada quejarse de ello

The whole point of drinking alcohol is to get pissed-  El único objetivo de beber alcohol es emborracharse

We have reached the point of no return- Hemos llegado a un punto de no retorno

He made a point of pissing me off- Puso empeño en tocarme los huevos


Piss is a versatile word used in colloquial speech. It can be a verb or a noun.


He took the piss out of me - Se cachondeó de mí/me tomó el pelo

You are starting to piss me off - Estás empezando a tocarme los cojones

Piss off, you cunt! - ¡Lárgate, puto gilipollas!

We were out on the piss until late - Estuvimos de juerga hasta las tantas

The exam was a piece of piss- El examen estuvo chupado

It's pissing down- Están cayendo chuzos de punta



greenmanYet another/again/more

 Yet is one of those tricky words that has several meanings. Here we look at yet as an adverb, meaning todavía más. It can indicate that we dislike or find this surprising.



Yet another shooting has sparked debate- Otro tirteo más ha provocado un debate

He has cancelled the meeting yet again- Ha cancelado la reunión otra vez más

The immigration crisis raises yet more questions about the future of Europe- La crisis de inmigración plantea aún más preguntas sobre el futuro de Europa






This is a great word. Often used in informal situations as either a noun, adjective or verb.



Don't bullshit me!- No me vengas con milongas

That's bullshit. I never said that- Eso es mentira. Yo no dije eso

This meeting is bullshit- Esta reunión es una chorrada

What a bullshit idea!- ¡Qué mierda de idea!

He´s a bullshitter- Es un fantasma 

See in context- The Musk Effect

greenmanHave an axe to grind

This is a very commonly used idiom meaning: to have reasons (possibly hidden) for saying or doing something. Sometimes holding a grudge against something or someone. (guardarle rencor)



The pro brexit people have said that the violence is related to European tension, because they have an axe to grind-- La gente a favor del brexit (la salida del Reino Unido de Europa) dice que la violencia está relacionada con la tensión en Europa,  porque tienen razones para convencer a los demás


Some comments made by vegans regarding the health risks of drinking milk should be taken with a pinch of salt, because they often have an axe to grind against the dairy industry-- Algunos comentarios de veganos con respecto a los peligros de beber leche para la salud deberían cogerse con pinzas, porque muchas veces le tienen manía a la industria láctea


Used frequently in Scotland and parts of Canada and America, wee means little. It's slightly more endearing, and can sound amusing when used in other countries.


I had a wee cup of tea- Tomé una tacita de té

You're a wee bit late- Llegas un poquito tarde

World famous Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly, often uses the word wee.