greenmanbe onto a winner

If you are onto a winner, you are doing something that is likely to succeed.



You're onto a winner with that idea— Vas a triunfar con esa idea

We knew we were onto a winner when we saw the crowd's reaction— Supimos que íbamos a triunfar cuando vimos la reacción del público

Trump knows he's onto a winner with his inflammatory comments — Trump sabe que ha acertado con sus comentarios incendiarios


One of the most versatile words in the English language. It can be used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, and an exclamation.



Fuck off! - ¡Vete a tomar por culo!

What a fucking drag! - ¡Menudo rollo!

I don't give a fuck- Me importa un carajo

You are a fucker- Eres un hijo de puta

greenmanA Red Herring

A red herring is something that distracts us from our main concern or original argument.

This video explains the origin and examples of the expression.

greenmanJoe Bloggs

In English, there are several ways to refer to an unspecified or average person:

Joe Bloggs (John Doe in US); average Joe; so-and-so (be careful - a so-and-so is also derogatory); somebody or other; Tom, dick and Harry; what's-his/her-name.



If Joe Bloggs wants to buy Marijuana, then that's his or her choice - Si fulanito quiere comprar  marihuana, pues es su elección (unspecified average person)

Elon Musk isn't your average Joe - Elon musk no es un tío normal y corriente 

She's always complaining about something. Either her boss is harassing her or so-and-so is talking about her behind her back -Siempre se está quejando de algo. Que si su jefe la está acosando o fulano está hablando a sus espaldas (specific unnamed people)

Don't listen to John. He's a lying so-and-so - No le hagas caso a John. Es un hijo de su madre

Nowadays, no matter what you say you'll offend someone or other - Hoy en día, digas lo que digas ofenderás a alguien

We can't have every Tom, Dick and Harry turning up asking for money - No podemos permitir que todo quisqui se presente pidiendo dinero

I bumped into what's-his-name from the butcher's last night- Anoche me topé con el de la carnicería (Pepe, Paco o como se llame)


The word entre in Spanish can mean between, among(st), or amid(st).

Between is usually (not always) used for two things; among(st) for several things; and amid(st) means "in the middle of, or surrounded by," countable or uncountable things.


There is a spy among/amidst us - Hay un espía entre nosotros (Several)

Between you and me, this place sucks - Entre tú y yo, este sitio es una mierda (Two)

Amidst the chaos, he grabbed his daughter and ran for cover - Entre el caos, cogió a su hija y corrió a buscar cobijo (Uncountable)


greenmanridden - suffix

When used as a suffix, the word ridden means "afflicted or affected by something negatively".



The crew were scurvy-ridden - La tripulación estaba enferma de escorbuto

The country is debt-ridden - El país está plagado de deudas

He is guilt-ridden- Está agobiado por sentimientos de culpa



A colloquial way of saying "in one sitting" is in a oner.



He drank the ayahuasca in a oner - Se bebió la ayahuasca de un trago

He finished the whole essay in a oner - Terminó todo el ensayo de un tirón

He recorded the album in a oner - Grabó el album de una sentada