greenman Forgiven for

A common construction in English is subject+could/would/may be forgiven for+verb (thinking, wondering, believing), meaning that it is understandable if what you are doing is mistaken or misguided.


You could be forgiven for thinking that Trump is the only thing going on in the world — Cabría pensar que Trump es lo único que existe en este mundo

Hear the words "meat substitute" and you would be forgiven for imagining chickpea patties — Al oir las palabras "sustituto de la carne", sería comprensible que te vinieran a la mente hamburguesas de garbanzos

You may be forgiven for starting to wonder if I'm mad — Entendería que empezaras a preguntarte si estoy loco

greenman-friendly suffux

As a suffix, friendly means "not harmful" or "suitable for".


This is a dog-friendly bar — En este bar se admiten perros

Butchers are creating vegan-friendly chops — Los carniceros están creando chuletas aptas para veganos

This phone isn't user-friendly — Este teléfono no es fácil de usar


In The Press

This startup is using jellyfish to make eco-friendly tampons, diapers and pads The Guardian-Nov 1, 2016

Once you dig beneath the surface, however, it quickly becomes clear that dividends represent the more owner-friendly choice for how to reward  Business Insider-Mar 6, 2017

seizing property by eminent domain to “Pilgrimize” the shoreline, and creating a visitor-friendly and automobile-friendly open waterfront. The Boston Globe-Feb 24, 2017


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greenmanCome into its own

When something comes into its own, it becomes especially useful or successful in a specific environment, situation or time.



In this city bicycles really come into their own — En esta ciudad las bicis se hacen imprescindibles 

He's a quiet guy, but in public speaking he comes into his own — Es un tío tranquilo, pero cuando hay que hablar en público se luce

In summer my swimming pool comes into its own — En verano es cuando mi piscina realmente cobra sentido


In the press

At age 16, Lee was playing in such bands as Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds, but he came into his own when he was 18. Daily Record-Jan 11, 2017

Manchester by the Sea Casey Affleck at last comes into his own as the heartbreaking damaged soul at the center of Kenneth Lonergan's quiet ...The Boston Globe-Dec 29, 2016

greenman Might/may as well

The expression might/may as well is very common in British English and often loses meaning in the translation to Spanish.  It is used to express several ideas:

1: a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it

2. there is no reason you should not do something / used to make an unenthiastic suggestion, like saying "since there is nothing better"

3. used to indicate that a situation is the same as if the hypothetical thing stated were true


1. -What are we going to do today, Tom? -Well, we might as well paint the fence, I suppose. — -¿Qué hacemos hoy, Tom? -Pues, no sería mala idea pintar la valla, supongo

2. -This film is crap -True. But we've started it, so we might as well finish it — -Esta película es una mierda -Cierto, pero ya que la hemos empezado ¿por qué no la terminamos?

3. You're in Madrid, but you might as well be in New York or in London — Estás en Madríd, pero los mismo daría que estuvieras en Nueva York o Londres

He's not Spanish, but he might as well be — No es español pero, a todos lo efectos, lo es prácticamente/ bien podría serlo

The meeting was a waste of time; I may as well have stayed at home — La reunión fue una pérdida de tiempo; podría haberme quedado en casa




blueman1 work out

The phrasal verb work out is one of those tricky ones that has several meanings:

Transitive (figure out)


1. to calculate 

2. to resolve

3. to devise

4. manage to understand

5. end well /succeed

6. amount to

7. do exercise



1) I worked out what I owe you — Calculé lo que te debo

2) I worked out the solution to this puzzle — Resolví el puzle

3) We worked out a plan to see the glaciers — Ideamos un plan para ver los glaciares

4) I worked out how to turn this off — He averiguado cómo apagar esto

5) The relationship didn't work out (well) — La relación no salió bien

6) The cost of the refurbishment worked out at around 500 pounds — El coste de la reforma salió por unas 500 libras

7) I should work out more — Debería hacer más ejercicio 


In The Press

Scientists have finally worked out how to get the last drop of ketchup out of the bottle 21, 2017

It's not quite worked out the way we expected and we've had a slight change of strategy to have someone look after the catering completely Press and Journal-9 hours ago

TripAdvisor have looked at the most popular travel destinations on their site and worked out the average cost per hotel room and average The Sun-Mar 1, 2017


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greenman do for + noun

The construction do for + noun is like saying "manage" or "contrive" . It is most commonly used in questions.



How are we doing for time— ¿Cómo vamos de tiempo?

What did you do for work— ¿Qué hiciste para trabajar?

How are you doing for money— ¿Cómo andas de dinero?

We are doing alright for fuel at the moment — Vamos bien de gasolina por ahora


Use In Articles

-Welcome to Canada

greenman get one up/over on (somebody)

The expressions get one up on or get one over on both have similar meanings. There are several derivative forms, such as the verb to one-up or as a noun - one-upmanship.1 

1. to show or prove that you are better than someone else

2. to gain an advantage over someone 



He got one up on his workmate by handing in his report a day early — Se apuntó un tanto más que su compañero de trabajo al entregar el informe un día antes

You got one over on me last night when you drank more than I could — Me superaste anoche bebiendo más que yo

I one-upped the competition — Le he sacado ventaja a la competencia

Trump uses the handshake as part of his one-upmanship — Trump utiliza el apretón de manos como parte de su estrategia para colocarse en una situación de superioridad


In The Press

Mr Corbyn merely smiled the enigmatic smile of a man who has got one over on the crowd. Over the next few days he may reveal more secrets. 8, 2017

“Jay will feel she's got one over on her old enemy in taking Bake Off from under her nose. She and Channel 4 are delighted with their coup.” The Sun-Sep 16, 2016

He's known as the joker of the royal family, but a young boy got one up on Prince Harry yesterday when the Queen's grandson tried to prank him.  Daily Mail-Feb 2, 2017

Why dealmaker Trump won't get one up on Abe's yen policy CNBC-Feb 6, 2017


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