Trump Handshake

Handshakes are meant to be relatively simple affairs, at least in terms of their signalling function. “Shake hands on it,” we are told. “Shake and make up .” They have been used as a greeting for at least...

Iceland's Murder

Events in Iceland at the start of 2017 were eerily reminiscent of Nordic noir. Iceland in January. It is bleak, cold and dark. A young woman goes missing. Soon a national search operation is underway.

Real Freedom

In the early 21st century, Western-style freedoms are often presented as an ideal template for the rest of the world. Yet supposedly free democracies are also marked by substantial and growing disparities of wealth, power and status.

Kids & Veg

How can you get a fussy child to eat vegetables? It’s a question that plagues many frustrated parents at countless mealtimes. Some take to hiding morsels in more delicious parts of meals, while others adopt a stricter approach, refusing to let little ones leave the table until the plates are clear.


It sounds like witchcraft. Scientists take a sample of your skin, transform the skin cells into stem cells, and from these grow pea-sized blobs of brain. Living, human brain, built from your cells.

Bloodthirsty Veggies

Hear the words ‘meat substitute’ and you’d be forgiven for imagining a crusty chickpea patty or a bag of limp soya mince. But there’s a whole new breed of veggie burger out there, which looks like meat, tastes like meat and even bleeds like meat.