greenmanIf you will

If you will has two meanings, one of which is somewhat antiquated.


1) A formal way of politely asking someone to do something (antiquated but still used).

Imagine, if you will, that this country were bankrupt - Imagine, si me hace usted el favor, que este país estuviera en quiebra

2) A formal way of saying "so to speak", especially when saying something in a non-standard way.

Here's what to look for when grading their acrobatic skills: a general guide, if you will - He aquí lo que hay que tener en cuenta cuando calificas las habilidades acrobáticas: un guión, por así decirlo

Some are looking for a higher state of consciousness, or enlightenment, if you will - Algunos buscan una conciencia superior, o la iluminación, por así decirlo