greenmanKind of

The adverbial phrase kind of (or sort of)  is very common in spoken English. It is often slurred when speaking to sound like "kinda".  It is almost used as a crutch word to mean slightly, somewhat or in a sense.



That was kind of nice of him to help you like that Fue bastante amable por su parte ayudarte así

Was his joke funny? - Kind of ¿Fue gracioso su chiste? - Algo

He just kind of stared at me — Es como que se me quedó mirando


In The Press

“I know it's kind of weird coming into a team part of the way through the season but it's been great so far.” The Daily Herald-Feb 28, 2017

“When my sisters heard we were going to an ultrasound, Jana kind of asked me, 'Hey, can I come along?'” International Business Times-Feb 6, 2017


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