greenmanMake a difference

The expression "make a difference" is very common in English and is used in several different contexts. Its translation often has to be reworded.

It has two meanings:

1. to change a situation or have an effect on something (usually a positive one)

2. to matter or be important to


We changed the voltage and it made a big difference — Cambiamos el voltaje y se produjo un cambio importante

Training in this area doesn't seem to make a difference — Parece que entrenarse en este ámbito no influye en el resultado

Which time do you prefer?- It makes no difference to me — ¿A qué hora prefieres? - A mí me da igual

By volunteering you can make a difference — Haciendo voluntariado puedes causar un impacto positivo

Your help could make the difference — Tu ayuda podría marcar la diferencia 


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