greenman be supposed to

A verb that many learners of English struggle with is suppose. The adjective form be supposed to has several meanings depending on the context:1

1. to be thought/considered to be 

2. to be expected to be (should be, but often isn't)

3. to be intended to 



Aren't you supposed to be at work now?  ¿No tendrías que estar en el trabajo ahora?

Things weren't supposed to end like that — Las cosas no debían haber acabado así

The project was supposed to be finished yesterday — El proyecto tendría que haberse terminado ayer

Call John. He is supposed to be a good painter — Llama a John. Dicen que es un buen pintor

This is rubbish. You're supposed to be an expert — Esto es una mierda. Se supone que eres (deberías ser) un experto

This tool is supposed to open the box — Se supone que esta herramienta es para abrir la caja


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