blueman1 Come up with

Come up with is one of those tricky phrasal verbs that encompasses several related ideas:

1. To think up/improvise

2. Discover

3. Produce



If you don't come up with the cash by friday, you're finished — Como no consigas el dinero para el viernes, estás acabado

John came up with a good idea — A John  se le ocurrió una buena idea

Scientists have come up with a vaccine for this disease — Los científicos han dado con una vacuna para esta enfermedad


In The Press

When Jackson County Court Judge Larry Wilson gave owners of The Shed restaurant 60 days to come up with a plan to fix all the building The Sun Herald-Feb 22, 2017

The Government is to come up with its own study with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to assess the trends and impact of pollution Business Standard-Feb 22, 2017


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