greenman See (characterized by/witness)

Among its many meanings, see can be used to say that a time or place has experienced or witnessed certain things. In this sense it is slightly different to Spanish.



2016 saw a spate of racial attacks on Spaniards in the UK— En 2016 se produjo una serie de agresiones contra españoles que viven en el Reino Unido

This decade has seen the death of many icons— Esta década ha sido testigo de la muerte de muchos iconos

Spain has seen an increase in illegal immigrants  En España se ha registrado un aumento de inmigrantes ilegales

The Church has seen its power dwindle — La iglesia ha visto como mengua su poder


In The Press

West Africa has seen a string of democratic transitions in recent years Financial Times - Jan 15, 2017

In third place is Spain's Costa del Sol, which has seen a drop in local prices over the last year. The Guardian-Jan 14, 2017