greenman-friendly suffux

As a suffix, friendly means "not harmful" or "suitable for".


This is a dog-friendly bar — En este bar se admiten perros

Butchers are creating vegan-friendly chops — Los carniceros están creando chuletas aptas para veganos

This phone isn't user-friendly — Este teléfono no es fácil de usar


In The Press

This startup is using jellyfish to make eco-friendly tampons, diapers and pads The Guardian-Nov 1, 2016

Once you dig beneath the surface, however, it quickly becomes clear that dividends represent the more owner-friendly choice for how to reward  Business Insider-Mar 6, 2017

seizing property by eminent domain to “Pilgrimize” the shoreline, and creating a visitor-friendly and automobile-friendly open waterfront. The Boston Globe-Feb 24, 2017


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