greenman Might/may as well

The expression might/may as well is very common in British English and often loses meaning in the translation to Spanish.  It is used to express several ideas:

1: a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it

2. there is no reason you should not do something / used to make an unenthiastic suggestion, like saying "since there is nothing better"

3. used to indicate that a situation is the same as if the hypothetical thing stated were true


1. -What are we going to do today, Tom? -Well, we might as well paint the fence, I suppose. — -¿Qué hacemos hoy, Tom? -Pues, no sería mala idea pintar la valla, supongo

2. -This film is crap -True. But we've started it, so we might as well finish it — -Esta película es una mierda -Cierto, pero ya que la hemos empezado ¿por qué no la terminamos?

3. You're in Madrid, but you might as well be in New York or in London — Estás en Madríd, pero los mismo daría que estuvieras en Nueva York o Londres

He's not Spanish, but he might as well be — No es español pero, a todos lo efectos, lo es prácticamente/ bien podría serlo

The meeting was a waste of time; I may as well have stayed at home — La reunión fue una pérdida de tiempo; podría haberme quedado en casa