blueman1 work out

The phrasal verb work out is one of those tricky ones that has several meanings:

Transitive (figure out)


1. to calculate 

2. to resolve

3. to devise

4. manage to understand

5. end well /succeed

6. amount to

7. do exercise



1) I worked out what I owe you — Calculé lo que te debo

2) I worked out the solution to this puzzle — Resolví el puzle

3) We worked out a plan to see the glaciers — Ideamos un plan para ver los glaciares

4) I worked out how to turn this off — He averiguado cómo apagar esto

5) The relationship didn't work out (well) — La relación no salió bien

6) The cost of the refurbishment worked out at around 500 pounds — El coste de la reforma salió por unas 500 libras

7) I should work out more — Debería hacer más ejercicio 


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