greenman get one up/over on (somebody)

The expressions get one up on or get one over on both have similar meanings. There are several derivative forms, such as the verb to one-up or as a noun - one-upmanship.1 

1. to show or prove that you are better than someone else

2. to gain an advantage over someone 



He got one up on his workmate by handing in his report a day early — Se apuntó un tanto más que su compañero de trabajo al entregar el informe un día antes

You got one over on me last night when you drank more than I could — Me superaste anoche bebiendo más que yo

I one-upped the competition — Le he sacado ventaja a la competencia

Trump uses the handshake as part of his one-upmanship — Trump utiliza el apretón de manos como parte de su estrategia para colocarse en una situación de superioridad


In The Press

Mr Corbyn merely smiled the enigmatic smile of a man who has got one over on the crowd. Over the next few days he may reveal more secrets. 8, 2017

“Jay will feel she's got one over on her old enemy in taking Bake Off from under her nose. She and Channel 4 are delighted with their coup.” The Sun-Sep 16, 2016

He's known as the joker of the royal family, but a young boy got one up on Prince Harry yesterday when the Queen's grandson tried to prank him.  Daily Mail-Feb 2, 2017

Why dealmaker Trump won't get one up on Abe's yen policy CNBC-Feb 6, 2017


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