greenman Affair - meanings

The word affair has several closely related meanings:

1. a situation or issue that is being dealt with or referred to 

2. an event or social gathering

3. a concern or matter

4. a thing or contraption

5. a romantic relationship



1) The affair with David Cameron and the pig's head was rather funny — Lo de David Cameron y la cabeza de cerdo fue bastante gracioso

2) The wedding was an intimate affair — La boda fue un evento íntimo

Handshakes are meant to be relatively simple affairs — Se supone que los apretones de mano son algo sencillo

3) What you do with your money is your affair — Lo que hagas con tu dinero es cosa tuya

4) His house is a recycled shipping container affair —  Su casa es un invento creado a partir de un contenedor de transporte reciclado

5) She had an affair with the milkman — Tuvo una aventura con el lechero


In The Press

It appears to have been a slightly clumsy affair, leaving its intended victim, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, holed up in his holiday hotel room but free to use a smartphone to issue a rallying call to his people. The Independent-Jul 16, 2016

A moment of brilliance to win an otherwise dull affairManaging Madrid-Feb 19, 2017


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