warningsignWhatever, whichever, wherever, however, whoever

A question word followed by ever is used to say that it doesn't matter what, which, where, how or who: the result is the same.



Do whatever you want— Haz lo que quieras

Whatever you say, I'm getting married-— Digas lo que digas, me caso

Whichever way you look, you find idiots— Mires por donde mires, encuentras tontos 

Which one do you want? - Whichever— ¿Cúal quieres?- Cualquiera

Wherever you go, don't forget to take your camera— Vayas a donde vayas, no te olvides de llevar tu cámara

Do it however you want— Hazlo como quieras

However hard you try, you will never be as good as me— Por mucho que te esfuerces nunca serás tan bueno como yo