warningsignI think not

In most situations we would say "I don't think so"; however, I think not can also be used with a slight nuance. It sounds more formal, dramatic and emphatic.



Is John ill- I don't think so ( I think not) — ¿John está enfermo?- Creo que no 

Are they telling us the truth?- I think not! — ¿Nos están diciendo la verdad? - ¡No lo creo!


In The Press

Has a dog ever given “constructive feedback” regarding your carrot cake recipe? Does your dog care about presentation?I think notLifehacker-Feb 22, 2017

Is it coincidence that, just as Harvard scientists announced they can recreate the woolly mammoth, Tony Blair appeared again on the political scene? I think notTelegraph.co.uk-Feb 21, 2017


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