warningsign-wise suffix

In informal context especially, wise can be used as a suffix, meaning "as far as something is concerned".



The business is doing well money-wise— El negocio va bien, con respecto al dinero

Food-wise, I would last about 4 days— En cuanto a comida, aguantaría unos 4 días

Brits are not in great shape health-wise—Los británicos no están en buena forma, en lo que se refiere a la salud


In The Press

...he said an overwhelming 96 per cent of employers claimed that apprenticeship benefited the organisation business-wiseDaily Express-Feb 21, 2017

The senior said it was probably the greatest game "fun-wise" he's played in during his time at Robert E. Lee. Staunton News Leader-Feb 11, 2017

Care-wise we have really struggled to find the “right” carer for her. The Guardian-Feb 3, 2016 


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