warningsignI.e. and E.g.


The abbreviations e.g. and i.e. are used frequently in English. E.g. is for giving examples, whereas i.e. is to clarify or expand on something.

They are usually used with either a comma or brackets. In American English, a second comma is often placed after them as well.


There are many types of self-drive cars, e.g. Tesla, Google, etc. - Existen muchos tipos de coches automatizados, como por ejemplo Tesla, Google, etc.

Self-drive cars (i.e. driverless) are becoming more popular. - Los coches automatizados (es decir, sin conductor) se están popularizando cada vez más.

The cost of the technology is more in line with our budget, i.e. lower. - El precio de la tecnología se ajusta más a nuestro presupuesto, es decir, más bajo.

There have been several high profile accidents (e.g., Joshua brown) in which autopilot was engaged. - Ha habido varios accidentes mediáticos (por ejemplo el de Joshua Brown) en los que el piloto automático estaba en marcha.