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When referring to inanimate objects, we sometimes use the feminine pronoun or possessive adjective. 

"The pronoun 'she' is sometimes used to refer to things which can contain people such as countries, ships, or vehicles, or when referring to certain other machines. This, however, is considered a stylistically marked, optional figure of speech. This usage is furthermore in decline and advised against by most journalistic style guides such as the Chicago Manual of Style."1

"Using 'she' for ships is still fairly common, and will not stand out as odd in most contexts; but it is becoming less common, and is discouraged by most authorities (both stylistic and maritime).

"Using 'she' for countries is now quite archaic. It can certainly still be used, but only if you want to very explicitly conjure up a personification of the country."2


I grew up watching American movies, dancing to her music, and reading her writers

I'm taking my yacht out of the water this winter to give her a coat of paint. She's looking a bit run-down


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