warningsignIf + Would clause

Learners of English are often taught that if should not be followed by would or will. In most cases this is true; however, there are exceptions. If will or would expresses willingness or persistence, they can be used in if-clauses.1 If only + would is used to express a wish or desire for something in the present or future.2


If you would shut up, you might learn something — Si te callaras, igual aprenderías algo

If John will help out, I'll consider it — Si John está dispuesto a echar una mano, me lo plantearé

If you will follow me, Mr Jones will see you now — Si es tan amable de seguirme, el Señor Jones le atenderá ahora

If they would only back down for a second, maybe they could see eye to eye — Ojalá se bajaran del burro por un segundo y quizá así se pondrían de acuerdo


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