warningsignGet someone to / have someone do something

Both get and have can be used in a causative sense; i.e. they  "indicate that a person, place, or thing is causing an action or an event to happen."1 In British English the use of get is more widespread. 

Although they are often interchangeable, have tends to mean ask, order, or arrange for something to be done, whereas get could be persuade, convince, ask, or cause to happen. In Spanish, the fact that someone else did it is often omitted or understood by the context.

It can also be used to describe something that happens to us without causing it  - often an unwanted outcome.


1. Have/get+object+ past participle

I had/got my hair cut — Me corté el pelo

It took me all day, but I got (had) the car fixed (I fixed it) — Me llevó todo el día pero conseguí que funcionara el coche

I had/got my car fixed at the garage (They fixed it)— Llevé mi coche al taller a que me lo arreglaran

I'm having/getting a new house built in Spain — Me estoy construyendo una nueva casa en España

They had him killed  — Lo mataron (Si quieres matizar que no lo hicieron ellos mismos sería mandaron matarlo)

It's my fault! I told him to go, and that got (had) him killed — ¡Es culpa mía! Yo le dije que se fuera y eso hizo que muriera


He had/got his leg broken — Se rompió una pierna

I had/got my wallet stolen — Me robaron la cartera


2. Have +object+infinitive / Get+object+to+infinitive

I had them (got them to) deliver it to me — Hice/Pedí que me lo enviaran

I got my friend to do it for me — Conseguí que me lo hiciera mi amigo /Le pedí a un amigo que me lo hiciera

Get John to (have John) pick it up for you — Que te lo recoja John / Dile a John que te lo recoja

He tried to get me to finish it — Intentó que lo terminara yo


In The Press

From that moment, we bought a bunch of cameras and gave them to our employees around the world and had them start shooting. CNBC-Sep 22, 2016

Next, they had her goto a fitting a week later which took about an hour.  Huffington Post-May 15, 2015


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