warningsignGet passive

We normally form the passive with the verb to be + participle; however, we can also use the verb get instead. It is more common in informal English and has the following differences:1

1) Only used with action verbs (rather than state verbs).

The manager got fired — El gerente fue despedido

The manager was (got) hated — Odiaban al gerente

2) Typically used to denote adversity or benefit (rather than neutral).

He got shouted at — Le gritaron

I'm always getting told, "Don't Judge" — Siempre me dicen, "No juzgues"

He got awarded a medal — Le concedieron una medalla

He was (get) told where the shop was — Le dijeron dónde estaba la tienda

The milk was (got) bought at the shop — La leche se compró en la tienda

3) Emphasises that someone's actions or behaviour led to the result.

She got (herself) arrested (possibly her fault)— La detuvieron

4) Less common when the agent is named.

She was arrested by the Civil Guard — Fue detenida por la Guardia Civil

5) Sometimes used to differentiate between the action and the result.

Last night the car window was broken — Anoche la ventanilla del coche estaba rota / rompieron la ventanilla del coche

Last night the car window got broken — Anoche rompieron la ventanilla del coche