As well as the more common uses of such, it is used heavily in academic, literary or formal styles with several meanings:1

1. of this/that kind (referring to something mentioned previously)

2. of a kind, character or degree indicated or implied (often with to be)

3. to a high degree or extent (often with abstract nouns, e.g. beauty, fascination, confusion)

4. as such - a) in the exact meaning of the word, per se  -b) in such capacity, as +antecedent noun or noun phrase

*Note- as such is often used to mean therefore, but this use should be avoided according to correct grammar.2

5. such that - in such a way that / to such an extent that



1) Human acts are events in the physical world, and all such events (events of this kind) are unpredictable — Los actos humanos son acontecimientos en el mundo físico, y todos éstos son impredecibles

2) His disease is such that he cannot leave the house — Su enfermedad es tal que no puede salir de casa

3) Such is the gravity of this crime that we must call the FBI — Tal es la gravedad de ese crimen que debemos llamar al FBI.

4a) The phone doesn't have buttons as such (per se), but rather a touch screen — El teléfono no tiene botones propiamente dichos

4b) I am a doctor, and as such (as a doctor) I am qualified to make these decisions — Soy médico, y como tal estoy cualificado para tomar estas decisiones

This is a complex debate, and as such (as a complex debate) it must be treated with care — Esto es un debate complejo y como tal debe tratarse con cuidado

*Because of the snow, we arrived an hour late. As such??(therefore), he missed the ferry.

5) Every natural event follows from other precursor events, such that if the precursors occur the event must follow  Cada acontecimiento natural sigue a otros acontecimientos precursores, de tal manera que si ocurre el primero debe ocurrir el segundo

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After all, a sudden, sharp drop in the franc would raise import prices, such that higher inflation would partly offset the effects of a depreciation. Business Insider-Feb 16, 2017

SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya says the aim is to design resolution processsuch that decisions taken by lenders are challenged in years to come. Economic Times-Feb 16, 2017


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