Facial Recognition

If you’ve watched any sort of spy thriller or action film over the last few years – think Jason Bourne or Mission: Impossible – the chances are you’ve seen facial recognition software in action.

Refugees - Life in Limbo

Sitting on the matted floor of his tent with an arm spread across a military-provided cot, Mohanad takes a long, pensive drag off a cigarette. “We didn’t leave because we wanted to. We had homes, we had jobs, we had cars.”

America, I Used To Love You

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — Two years ago, I flew from the coast of East Africa and landed in Phoenix, Arizona, to take up a journalism fellowship at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. 

 Facebook Profiling

Privacy campaigners this week applauded Facebook’s decision to block big UK insurance firm Admiral from using young people’s social media data to help set their car insurance premiums. But this is just the start of a debate over the use of social media information for such purposes.

Sobre Mesa

If cultural observation is one of my favourite sports, then there is no better arena than the dining table. Travellers' tales are full of eating-related anecdotes. How many times have you heard the story about the visitor who offended his or her host by burping...