China's Hollywood

By now, you have probably noticed the growing number of references to China in big-budget movies. The reason: China's film industry is now the biggest in the world, and any major production has to take this into account if it wants a piece of the pie.

Welcome To Canada

While Donald Trump has announced that Sirian immigrants will not be allowed to enter America, the prime minister of Canada has said they will be welcome north of the border. This video follows one of the kindhearted Canadians that is making this happen.

Podcast - English

BBC Radio4's The Archers on Wednesday 8th February. Immerse yourself in English country life with this radio drama. In this episode Jennifer wants to put an end to the rumours, and Fallon thinks outside the box. 

Short Video - Amazing Humans 1

In this episode of BBC 3's Amazing Humans, biker Ric shows how we can help others in our community. "He sings to dementia patients at a local centre, encouraging them to sing and dance along and evoking magical memories of their youth."

Mini Documentary - Ice Melt

British travel and story bloggers JacksGap talk us through the issue of climate change in 12 minutes. They take us to Greenland to see first-hand the extent of the melt and the possible repercussions.

Podcast - Th Archers 2

BBC Radio4's The Archers on Thursday 9th February. Immerse yourself in English country life with this radio drama. In this episode Kirsty receives an unexpected gift, and Peggy does some investigating.

Short Video - Comedy

British comedian Jon Richardson at the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala on why we should judge a book by its cover.

Short Video - Comedy

Up-and-coming British comedian Ivo Graham on Stand Up Central talks about his days at Eton College and his love of words.

The Archers

The BBC radio serial The Archers is the world’s longest-running soap opera, still thriving after 65 years with an average audience of just under 5m listeners. Recently, the British media has been making rather a lot of fuss about it