A picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words.

A 1000-word article written about a dead boy lying face down on a sandy beach may get your attention. But then again, you may prefer to look at the weekend football fixtures.

Digital Nomads

Bali, Indonesia; Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Besides being idyllic, sunny locations, these three cities share another common denominator: they are the top choices for a new generation of white-collar worker.

The Musk Effect

When you push a snowball down a hill, we all know what happens: it either stops dead in its tracks, or it keeps going, gathering momentum and grabbing onto the fresh crunchy snow in its path.

An Inside Job

“The gladdest moment in one’s life, methinks , is a departure into unknown lands.” British explorer Richard Burton was alluding to the thrill he felt when, in the mid-19th century, he would head out to India, Africa and other far-away lands.

Axl Rose, AC/DC's New Front Man.

The Australian band AC/DC has announced that Axl Rose, the legendary Gun’s and Roses singer, will be the new lead vocalist for the tour “Rock or Bust”, as a replacement for the fabulous Brian Johnson, who is finally giving up live music, faced with the risk of losing his hearing completely.

The business of health.

So, it’s official: The Chinese are almost as fat as we are. They’ve gone from less than 1% childhood obesity, in 1984, to the whopping 17% currently registered, a BBC News article has informed.

Dysgenics- have we reached the peak of human intelligence?

Mr and Mrs Converse and their five children, dressed in their sunday best, sat upright in front of the Eugenics Department Building smiling proudly at the camera.

Iatrogenics-why medicine is killing us.

Nearly 2500 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was one of the first to understand that diseases aren’t the result of the gods’ whims or other superstitious beliefs.

A Domestic Revolution.

With the rise in gender equality, and changing work-life balance, we are witnessing the birth of a new breed of man; he´s called the househusband.

Hitting The Jackpot.

Antonio’s bar, the fictitious Madrid establishment which appeared in the 2014 Christmas Lottery advertisement, touched the hearts of millions. Downcast and ashamed for not having bought...

The Brexit Bus

While the de facto leader of the Leave EU campaign, Boris Johnson, parades around Cornwall in his red “battle bus”, we are reminded once again of our fickleness, and the extent to which public opinion can be swayed with a few sweeping statements- often unfounded.

Hooligans Wreak Havoc.

Vieux-Port de Marseille, Marseille’s old port, is among France’s most picturesque locations. The quality seafood restaurants lining the promenade serve mouthwatering bites such as poached monkfish and mussels in savoury garlic-flavoured broth.

A Freegan Thing

It was almost midnight. I was the only one who had the jitters, apparently. The rest came across as seasoned bin raiders. About a dozen of us had gathered in the doorway of a block of flats, and were now forming an orderly queue. As far as I could make out, it worked on a first-come-first-served basis.

Cam Girls — Ex-rated

Sex still sells, but not as we know it. Up and down the country, raunchy professionals are making a career change, migrating from the oldest trade in the world to one of the most cutting-edge.

The Erection Campaign

Can you imagine a Defense Minister crying “long live Honduras!” in front of troops from El Salvador? And an MP watching porn in Congress, or posting their score on twitter from an iPhone game while the national budget is being voted on?

Going it alone

Despite the government's best efforts to boost the labour market, the official unemployment rate in Spain remains obscenely high. For those who haven’t already fled the country, job prospects are pretty grim.