21st Century Journeymen

For over 800 years, tradesmen throughout Europe have set out on a life-changing adventure known as the Journeyman years. Upon completing their apprenticeship, they traditionally had to leave their hometown and weren’t to return until three years had passed.

LGBT Pride-Post Orlando

Over the last few days, in dozens of cities around the world, the traditional International LGBT Pride parades have taken place. The commemorative date is the 28th of June, in honor of the 1969 riots that broke out that day in the Stonewall Inn, New York.

English - A Prime Commodity

You step off the bustling street into a café. Inside, salvaged wood tables, exposed red brick, Edison style lightbulbs, and an unvarnished bookshelf adorned with a few dozen tattered classics set the austere yet...

Río Olympics: The Greatest Show On Earth

If Río's Olympic Games bid was intended to put Brazil on the map, it has certainly succeeded; not as the organizers had hoped, mind you. It could be the first time in history that the build-up to the Olympics overshadows the actual event itself.

The Right To Breastfeed

With her mobile phone, a woman films a guy who is getting cocky and hurling insults like “disgusting” and “whore” at her. The raging lunatic, at the top of his voice, is trying to get her to leave: “Go somewhere else and do that, it’s disgusting.

Herbalife: MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

Last week saw the US Federal Trade Commision (FTC) impose a hefty $200 million fine on Herbalife for deceiving buyers "into believing they could earn substantial money selling diet, nutritional supplement, and personal care products".

Container Living

As I came round the corner, I caught sight of what I presumed to be my destination: a shabby-looking, greyish metal box resting on half a dozen railway sleepers. I have to confess, at this point my heart sank a little.


We’ve all received one at some point: a crude email littered with spelling and grammatical errors from someone claiming to be next in line for a bumper inheritance; they just need a few hundred pounds for legal fees and they will reward you generously for your leap of faith.

The Warriors Rewrite History.

The 13th of April 2016 will be a date forever remembered by basketball and sports fans in general; that night, two events shook the very foundations of the NBA: Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, played the last match of his career, while the Golden State Warriors achieved a historic record of 73 victories and 9 defeats in regular season.

Freedom of the press- utopia or dystopia?

The 20th of April 2016 is the date chosen by the organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to publish its Freedom of Press World Ranking, which -as they themselves have informed- is going to provide devastating data about the worrying...

Virtual Reality

You step off the bustling street into a café. Inside, salvaged wood tables, exposed red brick, Edison style lightbulbs, and an unvarnished bookshelf adorned with a few dozen tattered classics set the austere yet...

The White Stuff.

Until last week, I'd drunk milk every single day of my life. 365 days a year for 32 years. “The white stuff” makes up an integral part of the British diet. Not only is it seen as a basic staple, but it’s also a national institution.

A Bed Of Roses.

It’s a grisly scene. A one-hundred mile per hour impact with a concrete irrigation channel doesn’t leave much to the imagination. From the crumpled bonnet a thin plume of steam rises as the burst radiator spills fluid out onto the scorching engine.

Biococina Con Pitufina

With the implacable rise in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, allergies and cancer, it is becoming ever more apparent that our diets have a heavy influence on our health.

Do you feel comfortable streaming?

So, you killed your neighbor's cat...well that wasn’t very nice. I doubt your friends will find it very amusing either, unless, of course, you are a 10-year-old rogue from the wrong side of town. Likewise, sneaking behind the meat counter then walking out of your local butcher’s with a kilo of fillet steak under your arm probably won’t go down well in the community.

The Singularity

On May 11th, 1997, at 3pm something pivotal occurred. Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess player of all time, who had never lost a match, sat nervously across from his opponent. For the first time in his career, he was afraid. Not because of the $700,000 prize money at stake.