Charity Shops and Pancakes.

I met my best friend in a small little restaurant in Scotland after two months of solo traveling. I would love to say that at the precise moment she walked into the shop door that our eyes met and it was platonic love at first sight; or perhaps that I knew Ms. Pancake would be my "non-romantic" forever; however, that wasn’t the case.

The Dark Continent.

Stanley is among the latest and most extraordinary examples of this. It is folly to point to such men as he, as a stimulus to youthful ambition. No amount of study or effort can make such a boy or man as he was and is. The energy, daring, self-confidence, promptness and indomitable will were born in him, not acquired.

The Fermi paradox-are we alone in the universe?

What happens when you leave a typewriter in a room with 6 monkeys for a month? Well, in 2003, lecturers and students from the University of Plymouth decided to use a $2000 grant to find out.

Cancer And Processed Meat-A Spurious Relationship?

Even if you live in a cave, you will probably have heard about the latest meat scandal. The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a report claiming that the consumption of processed meats causes cancer. More specifically, a 50 gram daily intake is associated with an 18% increase is colon cancer.

Could it be the end for paper books?

I could harp on about the neat integrated bilingual dictionary, the slick touch screen, the convenient lightweight compact design, and all its other seemingly fabulous functions, but I know you don’t really care; because if you did you would already have one.

Disney Has Ruined my Life.

I´ve always been one to fantasize about Disney stories; to cry during films- a complete dreamer. I like to complicate matters and dive head first into the relationship pool without caring that instead of water there are a couple of dry leaves.

Catalonian Independence: fact or fiction?

A century of independence.
The 20th century was characterized by the acquisition of the old colonies independence from the major European powers. From Australia (1 January 1901) to Palau (1 October 1994), in total 134 countries gained their independence throughout the century.

Sun’s rays go to waste!

2014 was the best year for tourism in Spain´s history, with over 65 million visitors. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why this country has so much appeal to its northern neighbours. There is one overwhelming advantage that Spain enjoys: the sun.

The Ministry of Truth.

Muslim: Close your eyes and reflect on that word. Do you think that the feelings and images elicited are a result of your own reasoning? Have you reached those conclusions freely and by yourself?

Dualtexts - engaging content for advanced learners.

Parallel texts refers to the system whereby an original text and its translation are placed side by side in parallel. This methodology has been employed among language learners for decades, and has many notable advantages.

The Power Of Light.

Autumn has got underway, the days are shortening and I feel like, despite sleeping enough hours, my sleep doesn’t seem restorative. Without doubt, my willingness to work isn’t the same when I’m tired.

Google And "The Right To Be Forgotten".

New technologies continue in their unabated global expansion. Each day they are more present in our lives; they meddle in our lives even when we don't want them to. A good example of this is the debate that has been cropping up since about a year ago concerning the so-called “ Right to be forgotten”...

Summer Daydreams.

Letting out a long deep sigh, he stopped typing, leaned back slowly into the shabby imitation leather armchair, raised his hands to his chin and steepled his fingers. The cursor, which sat beyond the opening line blinking, held his stare expectantly, prompting him to keep at it.

Keep Trump Out.

His bust appears on every major news site on the planet. The unmistakable golden-sheened coif, the nauseatingly bronzed complexion, and the thin-lipped arrogant sneer galvanized by a 4 billion dollar fortune.

A Hand Of Aces.

Last week, Wimbledon, a 139-year-old tournament and one of the big four Grand Slams, kicked off with the world’s greatest players looking to start the year off on a good footing.

Juneau- The naked hitchhiker

The blare of a trumpet woke me from my daze. The smooth 1930s big band music emanating from the elevator speaker and the classic musty art deco decor of Juneau’s finest hotel gave me a sense of nostalgia. The Westmark Hotel’s overly friendly staff made their guests feel like hollywood starlets.