Why Am I Suddenly Shit-Scared Of Flying?

Is it just me or have there been a rather lot of plane crashes recently...? I´m a rational guy and I´m not easily alarmed by sensational stories. Yet a part of me is starting to doubt those statistics that claim that flying is by far the safest form of transport...

Gun control laws.

Yet another mass-shooting sparks debate in one of the USA’s most controversial topics. Murder is as old as mankind itself. Before guns, killing someone would have been a rather cumbersome task.

The bus gossip.

As he was waiting at the bus stop, James couldn’t help listening to the conversations that unfolded around him. He always went alone to that place since none of his classmates had to take that route, so the return trip always felt unbearably tedious unless he eased it by listening in on other people’s gossip.

The end of the flu virus?

Breaking news suggests that we are closer than ever to developing a lifelong flu vaccine.

There are certain discoveries that mark a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ in human development. Penicillin was one of them. Before 1928, a simple cut or burn, which you would nowadays consider to be harmless, could mean death.

The Value Of Information.

Before computers (yeah, I know it seems like a long, long time ago but it was only about 15 years!! And by “computers” I mean almost universal access to one with a high speed connection...) people actually had to read books to find stuff out! It’s true!

When Robots Replace Humans.

The hotel receptionist has a friendly look about her, with her big smile, the flutter of her eyelids and her immaculate white uniform. But when one strikes up conversation with her, things change: “ To check in, press 1”.

Youtubers: the phenomena that’s taking the net by storm.

With hundreds of millions of views of their videos and millions of subscribers to their channels, overnight these youngsters have turned into true stars. The close relationship with, and understanding of their audience being key to their success.

The new migration crisis in Europe.

The topic of immigration is back in the limelight. But this time it's not just a question of the usual migratory flows from sub saharan Africa, mainly clandestine, across the Mediterranean in small boats with entry points in Italy and the Strait of Gibraltar.

“Tinder is how people meet. It's like real life, but better”

I stumbled upon this outrageous claim on the official Tinder website within seconds of deciding which topic should be covered for this edition of Dualtexts. I had carried out the perfunctory google search to get informed about a red-hot topic that is taking up the front pages of most online news sites.

Spain are back in command in European basketball.

The Spanish basketball team won a final against Lithuania in which Scariolo’s men dominated from start to finish and were ahead on the scoreboard at all times. A crushing start and a solid defense were key to the Spanish squad´s success.