This is a great word. Often used in informal situations as either a noun, adjective or verb.



Don't bullshit me!- No me vengas con milongas

That's bullshit. I never said that- Eso es mentira. Yo no dije eso

This meeting is bullshit- Esta reunión es una chorrada

What a bullshit idea!- ¡Qué mierda de idea!

He´s a bullshitter- Es un fantasma 

See in context- The Musk Effect

greenmanHave an axe to grind

This is a very commonly used idiom meaning: to have reasons (possibly hidden) for saying or doing something. Sometimes holding a grudge against something or someone. (guardarle rencor)



The pro brexit people have said that the violence is related to European tension, because they have an axe to grind-- La gente a favor del brexit (la salida del Reino Unido de Europa) dice que la violencia está relacionada con la tensión en Europa,  porque tienen razones para convencer a los demás


Some comments made by vegans regarding the health risks of drinking milk should be taken with a pinch of salt, because they often have an axe to grind against the dairy industry-- Algunos comentarios de veganos con respecto a los peligros de beber leche para la salud deberían cogerse con pinzas, porque muchas veces le tienen manía a la industria láctea


Used frequently in Scotland and parts of Canada and America, wee means little. It's slightly more endearing, and can sound amusing when used in other countries.


I had a wee cup of tea- Tomé una tacita de té

You're a wee bit late- Llegas un poquito tarde

World famous Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly, often uses the word wee.

greenmanMake (it to)

One meaning of make is to reach or manage.

The story made the news- La historia salió en las noticias

I couldn't make (make it to) the meeting- No pude asistir a la reunión

John made the first team- John logró entrar en el equipo

To make it in this life you have need to be well connected- Para triunfar en esta vida hay que estar enchufado

We made it in time- Llegamos a tiempo


In The Press

Senegal and Mali will be coming back to do battle after bothmade it tothe U-20 World Cup in 2015 where they competed against each other BBC Sport-Feb 25, 2017

“There's no way that he will make it tothe White House if we have anything to do with it,  The Guardian-Oct 19, 2016

In DualTexts Articles

-China's Hollywood

-Euro Basket


The word sheer is often lost in translation. It is used to emphasize a quality.


The sheer number of people was frightening - Simplemente la cantidad de personas era aterradora

That idea is sheer nonsense - Esa idea es un disparate absoluto

He did it out of sheer gratitude - Lo hizo por puro agradecimiento

greenmandibs & bags

Both dibs and bags are used informally to say that you get the first choice or opportunity to use something.


I get dibs on the remote control!- ¡El mando es pa' mí!

Bags the front seat!- ¡Yo me pido el asiento delantero!