greenmanMillion or Billion

Be careful when using millions and billions in English. A billion in America and in the UK is 1000 million.

A billion in Europe is a million million (1000 times more).

greenman Nice and...

Nice and + adjective/adverb can be used to indicate affection or emphasize that we find the quality pleasing or adequate.1 In Spanish the diminutive is often used to express this.


It's nice and warm here- se está calentito aquí

He gave me a nice and short explanation- me dio una explicación cortita


In The Press

“No campaigns to remove us just yet but the morning is nice and young.”  The Sun-Feb 20, 2017

The light had a really nice colour from the setting sun as this graceful pod of Orca swam by nice and closeThe Express Tribune-Feb 22, 2017


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-Biococina With Pitfina

greenmanThen again

A common expression used when reconsidering something is (but) then again.  A similar phrase is but then, which is used to introduce an explanation or a concession to something previously said - similar to the expression mind you.


I think I will stay in today, but then again, I should probably go out ( Aunque también es cierto/por otro lado/ pensándolo bien)

I really need a pay rise. Then again, I do earn more than my workmates - Necesito un aumento de sueldo. Aunque, por otro lado, gano más que mis compañeros

Trump made Abe look like his junior partner. But then he is a reality television star (explanation as to why this shouldn't surprise us)

I think it's great. But then I am the one who designed it (concession, it's not surprising that I would think that)

In The Media

A broken man? He does seem devastated, but then again he's been like that many time before. 16, 2017

Not many debutant playwrights can sell out a theatre. But then again, not many debutant playwrights used to be the Archbishop of Canterbury. BBC News-Jul 27, 2016

It looked for a while like Jasper Stuyven was going to pull off an incredible victory but then who can doubt Peter Sagan? BBC Sport-Jun 30, 2016


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-El Camino